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Rarc Brakhage and Bruce Mcpherson via Zoom
Ciné Salon: XXV:HALLER1
Ciné Salon Fall 2021 pays homage to the extraordinary film historian, archivist and photo documentarian Robert A. Haller (1942-2021). 

Rarc Brakhage, son of the legendary film artist Stan Brakhage, and Bruce McPherson, publisher of Stan’s writings, will present selected readings of literary works by and about the artist to accompany the first part of a retrospective of Brakhage’s final thirty films. Haller preserved many Brakhage films for Anthology Film Archives, edited his writings, Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964-1980, published by McPherson, and I...Sleeping (Being a Dream Journal and Parenthetical Explication), published by Haller, and photographed Stan numerous times producing iconographic images of the filmmaker. Suffering from cancer, Brakhage nonetheless produced a massive body of work during 2000-2001.

“I aspire to a visual music, a ‘music’ for the eyes.” —Stan Brakhage

“He’s is a virtuoso working with the camera as an extension of his eye, and has used the full capacity of film as an image-recording and image-making instrument.'' —John Hanhardt, Whitney Museum of American Art

FILMS: The God of Day Had Gone Down upon Him (2000) 47:52; Water for Maya (2000) 2:25; Dance (2000) 6:13; Persians 13-18 (2001) 8:35; Chinese Series (2003) 2:18; Stan Painting “Very” and “Night Mulch” (2001) 4:05’ and Stan Brakhage Exits the Cinema and Enters the Light of Day (2002) Phil Solomon 10:14’. All films directed by Stan Brakhage unless noted. Courtesy Marilyn Brakahge, Canyon Cinema. TRT 82 mins.

BIO: STAN BRAKHAGE (1933-2003) was one of the most influential American filmmakers who issued nearly 400 original independent films between 1952 and 2003, ranging in length from a few seconds to several hours. He authored many books and lectured widely on the art of cinema. Locally, he is recalled for his 1951 one-semester stint at Dartmouth College and later as honored recipient of the 1989 Edward MacDowell Medal in Peterborough.

BIO: RARC BRAKHAGE, the youngest of five children of Jane and Stan Brakhage, is an author.

BIO: BRUCE MCPHERSON, founder of the an independent literary and arts publishing house, McPherson & Company, has published key texts and lectures authored by Brakhage, Film at Wit’s End: Eight Avant-Garde Filmmakers (1991), Essential Brakhage, Selected Writings on Filmmaking (2001), and Telling Time: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker (2018).


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