Join us for a series of four workshops about permaculture.  Attend one or attend all four.  

This workshop will cover the interconnectedness of nature’s elements, specifically soil and water. Given the challenges we face in light of climate change, we can look towards nature for solutions that provide tangible means of transferring carbon from the air to the soil through agricultural practices that can be applied to any scale.

Karen Ganey is the founder of Permaculture Solutions, LLC and has been a student of permaculture for the past fifteen years. She has received her Permaculture Design Certificate and Permaculture Teaching credentials and has studied with some of the most renowned and experienced teachers in the country. Karen has designed gardens for schools, hospitals, communities and families alike and has a wealth of knowledge about herbs, perennials, shrubs and trees. She is also the Facilitator for Change the World Kids, a teen run nonprofit organization focused on community service, social and environmental justice. She is passionate about these issues and has founded and worked with a number of community initiatives that embody these principles.