Jodie Mack in person via Zoom
Ciné Salon: Beyond The Bubble: Movies During Covid-19
Ciné Salon Fall 2020 explores with experts in cinema the new world order of virtual streaming.

Hard to define but a joy to experience, the short films by media artist Jodie Mack wash the world in rapid-fire, colorful abstractions based on everyday objects. Yes, these joyful noise(s) uplift, inspire and fill the viewer with wonderful visions.

“Dazzling stop-motion marvel.” AVClub

FILMS: Selection of short films with commentary by the filmmaker. TRT 120 mins.

BIO: Jodie Mack is an Upper Valley resident and Associate Professor of Animation at Dartmouth College. Even so, she is a person of the world, who makes and screens her works everywhere to great acclaim and audience appreciation.


SPECIAL ONGOING ATTRACTION: Search and discover a wealth of cinema memorabilia at the MBC Interactive Archive, a
Knight Arts Challenge Award winning project curated by Dana Keith.


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