Christian Wolff in person
Ciné Salon: Legends
Ciné Salon Spring 2020 honors the bold ones. 

Pioneering composer and scholar of classics Christian Wolff will read from his book Occasional Pieces, Writings and Interviews, 1952-2013 and show Luke Fowler's beautiful film For Christian and several other experimental music rarities.

“He is one of America’s most unpredictable, most venturesome, most radical (politically and compositionally), most inventive, most satisfying (intellectually, aesthetically and musically) and least recognized living composers.” —Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

FILMS: For Christian (2016) by Luke Fowler. Digital video, color, sound, 6:45 mins, and selected home movies from 1973 Vermont performance of Burdocks (1970-71) and 19-hour Erik Satie “Vexations” Marathon (2017). Courtesy LUX-The Modern Institute, Luke Fowler. TRT 125 mins.

BIO: Christian Wolff (b. 1934) is a composer, performer, improviser and author of experimental classical music works that are widely recognized for pioneering the use of indeterminacy in composition, using open scores that require the performer to interpret them. “Wolff has been considered a force in experimental music for most of his life. Over six decades, his methods and results have enthralled many fellow artists, musicians and composers—from the late Merc Cunningham, who used many Wolff compositions with his dances; to the punk rock group Sonic Youth, which included works by Wolff on its 1999 album Goodbye, 20th Century; to the experimental composer John Cage, who described Wolff’s music as “like the classical music of an unknown civilization.” (Dartmouth News)


SPECIAL SERIAL ATTRACTIONS: Seances plays at end of each session, except 3/9.

“Hundreds of billions of unique permutations. “ —Guy Maddin  

FILM: Seances (2016) by Guy Maddin, the Brothers Johnson, National Film Board of Canada. Featuring Udo Kier, Geraldine Chaplin, Charlotte Rampling and many others. Digital interactive computer video, bw & color, sound, each 10-20 mins.


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