Tuesday, August 9th
The Jane Austen Society
by Natalie Jenner

This program is hybrid. We will meet in the library, but you may also attend via Zoom. Email Mike Morris at mike.morris@thehowe.org for an invitation or more information.

BLT meets on the second Tuesday of each month at noon. Bring your lunch and a healthy appetite for good discussion.

For decades, tourists arrived in the English village of Chawton, looking for evidence of Jane Austen in her last-known residence, the Knight family estate. But most villagers saw no reason for the fuss. Now in 1945, as England rebuilds after WWII, six longtime residents and two transplants find a sense of belonging and purpose through mutual appreciation of Austen’s writings. Together they form the Jane Austen Society and take on the mission of preserving Austen’s legacy before it’s too late. Just like a story written by Austen herself, Jenner's first novel is brimming with charming moments, endearing characters, and nuanced relationships, all largely set within and reflecting the often intrusive atmosphere of a small country community. Readers won’t need previous knowledge of Austen and her novels to enjoy this tale's slow revealing of secrets that build to a satisfying and dramatic ending, while devoted Austen fans will pore over these pages, savoring the deeper connections between the lives of Jenner's postwar characters and of Austen's creations. The pleasures are many in this clever tribute to the beloved and endlessly influential Austen and the English village tale.  - Booklist (starred review)

Where: Howe Library
Room: Murray Room
Time: 12:00 - 1:00