Join us at the Hanover Farmer's Market as Abena Songbird demonstrates the art of making Abenaki dreamcatchers..

The Howe Library is sponsoring a series of local artists and artisans demonstrating their work at the Hanover Farmer's Market this summer.  Look for them next to the Howe Library tent, they will be happy to talk with you about their work and tradition.  And then stop by and say hello to us as well!  This week Abena Songbird will be demonstrating the art of making Abenaki dreamcatchers.

The Hanover Farmer's Market runs 4-7 every Wednesday at Richmond Middle School from June 2 through September 29.  Visit our Farmer's Market page at for a full list of artisans, family performances, and world music concerts we're sponsoring at the Market this summer.  For more information, email

S. Abena Songbird is a freelance poet, writer, vocalist, graphic designer and handcrafter of Dreamcatchers. She was born and raised in Vermont, and returned in 2018 after over two and a half decades living in California and South Dakota -- working and sharing lifeways among various tribal/BIPOC communities. She currently lives near the Winoskitekw (Winooski River) and draws much strength and inspiration from the natural world and this land of her Abenaki ancestors.

You can view her current Dreamcatcher work here.

A portfolio of her visual and written artwork can be found at