Join Kimberly Hotelling of Root Vine Healing for the first of two workshops on herbs and herbalism.  This one will explore the healing properties of herbs and spices you probably already have in your kitchen, and together we'll make Golden Paste.

Learn to use herbs and spices to manage many of our common ailments, including colds/flus, lung and sinus congestion, inflammation, and stomach upsets. Together we will make Golden Paste, an anti-inflammatory treat to keep in your kitchen and use liberally in your food and drinks.

For the ingredient list for Golden Paste, and a Zoom invitation to the workshop, email Jared Jenisch at

Kimberly Hotelling, an herbal healer, product maker, and teacher, has been working with and learning from plants for over 25 years. Her formal education began in college when she majored in Biology with a focus on botany and ecological farming practices. When she finished college she had an insatiable desire to learn and absorb all that she could about herbs and healing, culminating most recently with the three-year Clinical Herbalist Training Program at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.