This is a book discussion of our Everyone Is Reading book for this year: The Museum of Modern Love, by Heather Rose.

The Museum of Modern Love is a novel that centers around a piece of performance art by Marina Abramovic at MoMA in 2010, in which the artist sat at a wooden table for eight hours every day for three months, as over a thousand people sat across from her and looked into her eyes. 

We encounter this work of art through the eyes of fictional characters who attend the exhibit.  "Each offers an illuminating perspective on the proceedings, adding to the mystery and power of Abramović’s life and performance, and engendering profound questions about the divide between artist and art, artist and audience, self and creativity, love and spirit." --Booklist Reviews

This book discussion, one of two, will be held by Zoom only, and will be led by Jared Jenisch.  Email for an invitation.