Join Mary Coffey, professor of Art History at Dartmouth, for a discussion of the work of performance artist Marina Abramovic in relation to The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose, our Everyone Is Reading Book this year (free copies are avilable at the library).

The Museum of Modern Love is a novel that centers around a piece of performance art by Marina Abramovic at MoMA in 2010, in which the artist sat at a wooden table for eight hours every day for three months, as over a thousand people sat across from her and looked into her eyes.  Mary Coffey will discuss Abramovic's often provocative and unsettling work in the context of the novel's themes.

She will offer a brief overview of Marina Abramovic’s career that spotlights key works for each period, then survey earlier works that lead up to “The Artist is Present” and which share its themes or contextualize it within her body of work.

This program is hybrid--attend in person in the Mayer Room (no registration required) or online by Zoom (register to receive the Zoom invitation here).  For more information email Jared Jenisch at

Mary Coffey specializes in the history of modern Mexican visual culture, with an emphasis on Mexican muralism and the politics of exhibition. She also publishes in the fields of American art, Latin American cultural studies, and museum studies. She has published essays on a broad range of visual culture, from Mexican folk art to motorcycles to eugenics exhibitions.