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Paul Glabicki, Victor Grauer, Steven Haines, Bill Judson, Gary Kaboly, Brady Lewis and Greg Pierce via Zoom
Ciné Salon: XXV:HALLER1
Ciné Salon Fall 2021 pays homage to the extraordinary film historian, archivist and photo documentarian Robert A. Haller (1942-2021). 


Greg Pierce, Director of Film and Video at The Andy Warhol Museum will moderate an exchange with members of the Pittsburgh film community to discuss Robert Haller’s role in the 1970s film scene. Haller served as the first executive director of Pittsburgh Film-Makers and the founder of the magazine Field of Vision. Haller wrote about and preserved many of the Pittsburgher’s films and penned a 2005 memoir, Crossroads: Avant-Garde Film in Pittsburgh in the 1970s. Rare films made by Pittsburghers will be screened including one shot by the legendary Maya Deren, who visited the city several times in the 1940s.

“The name [FIELD OF VISION] …does not specify one particular medium such as film, photography, or video. The ‘field’ was deliberately left open, limited only to what enter the eyes, or what can be described as ‘vision.’ The evolution of twentieth century media—especially the visual media—is still an open-ended process, a continually surprising process.” —Robert Haller

FILMS: Pittsburgh Outtakes (1946, restored 1979) Maya Deren 2:33’; Archangel (1966) Victor Grauer, 7:20’; Stan Brakhage at Chatham College, 1973 (1973) Dave Saz 3’; Look Back at Anger (1974) Leo Vale 14:54’; Erogeny (1976) James Broughton 5:15’; [Haller Go Buy Movie] (1977?) Jim Vale 5:47’; [High Speed Haller] (1978) 1:30’ and Emanant Domain (1979) Al Mahler 2:30’; Colliding [with Robert Breer, 1977] (1989) Brady Lewis 7’; Under the Sea (1989) Paul Glabicki 28’. Courtesy Carnegie Museum of Art, John Kirch, the participants, the Vale family. TRT 78 mins.

BIO: PITTSBURGH FILM-MAKERS was an influential artists-run regional media arts centers operating between 1971 and 2019 as a media production school associated with local colleges, a public access cooperative for film/video equipment, and a venue for film/video/photography exhibitions.

BIO: ROBERT HALLER (1942-2021) was instrumental in the rapid development of the Pittsburgh Film-Makers between his return to Pittsburgh in 1970 and his departure to New York City in 1980. Working alongside the genius of Sally Dixon (1932-2019), founder and curator of the Film Section at the Carnegie Museum of Art and co-founder of Pittsburgh Film-Makers, Haller organized Pittsburgh into a hotbed of experimental media production and study. Film, video and photography artists, critics, scholars and historians came from around the world to present their works at both institutions. Local filmmakers and audiences prospered and greatly benefited from firsthand encounters with some of the greatest thinkers and practitioners of the 20th century arts.


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