Special Guest Pip Chodorov
Ciné Salon: XXV:HALLER1
Ciné Salon Fall 2021 pays homage to the extraordinary film historian, archivist and photo documentarian Robert A. Haller (1942-2021). 

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In 2001, Robert Haller curated the film series Galaxy: Avant-garde Film-Makers Look Across Space and Time. One of the artists Haller promoted was the painter-sculptor-filmmaker Jim Davis (1901-1974), whose fantastic movie images of shifting light reflections evoke a meditative spiritualism also found in other films on the program. Haller collaborated with Chodorov and Re:Voir Video on the distribution of films preserved by Haller and books by Haller on the films of Davis and others, and in the production of photography books of Haller’s photographs, Across Time: Nudes and Standing Stones (2013) and Forty Photographs from Avant-Garde Film (2014).

“Where do we come from? What is our future? What is our relation to nature?” —Robert Haller

FILMS: World Premiere “A Love Letter to Robert” from Amy Greenfield (2021) Amy Greenfield, Jon Jost 12:17’; 2Anthology Film Archives (2010) Pip Chodorov 7:25’; Energies (1957) 9:15’ and Sea Rhythms (1971) Jim Davis 9:50’; Seven Days (1974) Chris Welsby 19’; Organism (1975) Hilary Harris 19:16’; Samadhi (1967) Jordan Belson 5:03’; Look Park (1973) Ralph Steiner 10:24’; The Film of Her (1996) Bill Morrison 12’. Courtesy Jordan Belson, Ruth Farvo, Jon Jost, Bill Morrison, Re:Voir Video. TRT 105 mins.

BIO: PIP CHODOROV is a filmmaker, songwriter, film historian, distributor, festival programmer and activist. He divides his time between New York, Paris, and Seoul, where he teaches film theory and filmmaking at Dongguk University, Seoul. He is founder of Re:Voir Video and co-founder of L'Abominable, a cooperative do-it-yourself film lab in Paris.

LINKS: http://www.roberthaller.com/galaxy/galaxy.html

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