Join us at the Hanover Farmer's Market as Katie Roberts demonstrates nature painting.

The Howe Library is sponsoring a series of local artists and artisans demonstrating their work at the Hanover Farmer's Market this summer.  Look for them next to the Howe Library tent, they will be happy to talk with you about their work.  And then stop by and say hello to us as well!  This week Katie Roberts will be demonstrating nature painting.

The Hanover Farmer's Market runs 4-7 every Wednesday at Richmond Middle School from June 2 through September 29.  Visit our Farmer's Market page for a full list of artisans, family performances, and world music concerts we're sponsoring at the Market this summer.  For more information, email

    Spending most of her time as a child in rural Vermont afforded Katie the opportunity to view the animals, plants and weather that made up the rugged landscape.  She first developed her self-taught art talents in drawing with pencil, picked up color as a teen, and turned to acrylics in her adolescence.  As an adult, oil painting with environmentally friendly materials became her primary medium.
     Katie received her first award at the VINS Art Festival in 2017, a second and third the following year and two of her paintings were represented in the Vermont Standard.  She creates artwork on commission, including the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife signage, murals and paintings.  As a member of the Artists for conservation, Katie sells her pieces online, at art shows and exhibits, focusing on donating her art proceeds to wildlife conservation.  Her work can be viewed at