Tom Hurwitz in person
Ciné Salon: Beyond The Bubble: Movies During Covid-19
Ciné Salon Fall 2020 explores with experts in cinema the new world order of virtual streaming.

Confidence and steely resolve mark the pioneer American social documentary films produced by filmmaker Leo Hurwitz during
the 20th century. His son Tom, himself an award-winning ASC cameraman, will discuss his father’s progressive politics that
continue to resonate today.

“Far more radical and harrowing than anything Hollywood could produce.” The New Yorker

FILMS: Strange Victory (1948, 75 mins) by Leo Hurwitz with selection of short films and discussion. TRT 120 mins.

BIOS: Leo Hurwitz (1909-1991) worked with committed filmmakers in the 1930’s New York including Paul Strand, his partner in several films. Under appreciated due to blacklisting in the 1950s, Hurwitz directed a lifetime of influential films. 

Tom Hurwitz, a cameraman and director of documentaries, is one of the first documentarian members of the American Society of Cinematographers and a founder of the Social Documentary Graduate Program, School of Visual Arts.

SPECIAL ONGOING ATTRACTION: Search and discover a wealth of cinema memorabilia at the MBC Interactive Archive, a Knight Arts Challenge Award winning project curated by Dana Keith.

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