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Gale databases for all your research needs:

Quickly access articles from a database of scholarly journals
and other trusted periodicals.

  Best for academic research
  Full-text articles
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Search across multiple reference sources for up-to-date information

 Many reference directories & indexes including:

  •   Biography and Geneology Master Index
  •   Medical and Health Information Directory
  •   Passenger and Immigration Lists Index
  •   Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans
  •   See the full list here

Encyclopedias and reference sources

Understand environmental issues that affect people globally
   Topic overviews
   Multimedia content

Access general interest magazines and key serials
in a single resource

  This option is best for general research.
  Start here.

Analyze important global issues and events

  Topic overviews
  International viewpoints
  Multimedia content

Access full-text medical journals, magazines,reference works,
multimedia,and much more.

  Authoritative information on:

  •     Full-range of health-related issues
  •     Current diseases and disorders
  •     Alternative medical practices

   All available here.

All in one search

  One search across all Gale resources.

For your everyday reference needs...

Consumer Reports Online

   Research before you buy.

Britannica Online
    Information at your fingertips.

Improve your vocabulary
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