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Winter Fun!

Its winter and its cold here in New England.  Are you a “get out there and embrace it” type or an “I’m dreaming of spring” type? Here are a few websites that will help you keep busy until the season changes.


New England Sled Dog Club

How about dog sledding races? Bring the family and learn about these events. There are 2 coming up in January, right here in New Hampshire.


The heart of New England

Would a Snow Sculpting Competition or a Snow and Ice Festival get you outside? Find the details for these New Hampshire events and other events scheduled for Maine and Vermont.  


New England Flower Shows

For those who long for a flowering tree or blooming garden about this time of year, get an early dose of spring by attending a flower show.


 Providence Boat Show

Cruise for the boat of your dreams, attend a seminar. Learn how to troubleshoot a diesel engine, techniques for safe anchoring, or find out about the latest in navigation technology. Learn to sail, take a class just for women or take the boater education course to earn your Certificate of Boating Safety Education.