Cine Salon Fall 2018 inhabits cinephilia that special place for the love of cinema, its history, theory and criticism.

“It’s not enough to like a film, you must like it for the right reasons.” —Pierre Rissient

Rediscover Vertov
Sponsor: Department of Russian, Dartmouth College
Österreichischen Filmmuseum Vienna has preserved two series of Kino newsreels produced by legendary documentarian Dziga Vertov. Long thought lost, the films seen today offer modern audiences firsthand eyewitness accounts of life in Soviet Russia.
FILMS:  Selected issues of Kinonedelja/Kino-Week (1918-19) and Kino Pravada/Kino-Truth (1922-25). 145 mins.


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Series Sponsors: Filmmakers Showcase and Howe Library collaboration with Hood Museum of Art-Dartmouth College, 2018 Vermont International Film Festival, CATV 8/10, Home Movie Day Upper Valley ,and Department of Russian Dartmouth College