Ciné Salon’s Spring 2018 will address a selection of outstanding visionary movies important to the history of the medium that for a variety of reasons are little seen. It is hoped our efforts will renew appreciation in these moving image gems.

The Sun Shines Bright / Carolee Schneemann
NEW: This program will be introduced by scholar-art curator Trevor Fairbrother. He will give a short presentation before the film about the Ole South as seen by artist Cy Twombly and photographer Sally Mann. Read more here.

Cited a “masterpiece,” Hollywood director John Ford hones to perfect pitch sentiments associated with Ole’ Kentuckey in this 1953 remake of his earlier film, Judge Priest (1934). Ford’s ode is balanced by intimate recollections of artist Joseph Cornell by Carolee Schneemann and a surprise participatory event staged to encounter two other significant artists living and working in the Old South.

FILM: The Sun Shines Bright (1953) John Ford; Carolee Schneemann at Pittsburgh Filmmakers (1978). Running time: 120 minutes.

The Sun Shines Bright

Carolee Schneemann

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