Ciné Salon’s Spring 2018 will address a selection of outstanding visionary movies important to the history of the medium that for a variety of reasons are little seen. It is hoped our efforts will renew appreciation in these moving image gems.

Distant Montages: Artavazd Pelechian
Little known outside of esoteric documentary film circles, Armenian director Artavazd Pelechian creates “distant montages” of mid-20th century life. The cadenced combinations of riveting images welded to elegiac music will haunt you forever. Please do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime presentation of remarkable cinema.

FILMS: Beginning (1967); Inhabitants (1970); Seasons of the Year (1975); Life (1992); End (1994); We (1969); Our Century (1983). Running time: 135 minutes.

“One of the few authentic geniuses in the world of cinema." –Sergei Parajanov


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