Cine Salon's Fall series focuses on French multi-media artist Chris Marker.

Polar Opposites

Double Feature 7:00 / 8:30 p.m.
Special Note for Double Features:
• 1st program begins 7:00p.m.
• 2nd program begins 8:30p.m. – Enter via lower level door between 8:15-8:30.

Extremes make up this wild review of recent film/video/game preservations. Marker’s early work with Alain Resnais and later with game designer Max Moswitzer are sandwiched between acclaimed resurrections: Josef von Sternberg’s first feature, The Salvation Hunters (1925) and the found footage video collage, The Blue Danube (2017).

FILMS: The Third Cat (2010) Max Moswitzer; The Salvation Hunters (1925) Josef von Sternberg. / Toute la mémoire du monde/All the Memory in the World (1953) Alain Resnais, Ghislain Cloquet; The Blue Danube (2017). Total running time: 142 mins.


Cine Salon Fall 2017: Chris Marker

Celebrated French multi-media artist Chris Marker invites you on an in-depth tour of his work, led by his longtime guide, Guillaume-en-Egypt, a grinning orange cat who pops up to assist your travels. Unless otherwise noted, all films are by Chris Marker in French with English subtitles or translations.
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