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Current Display

Ledyard Gallery:

     Dreamscape with Horse by Marilyn Milham       Self Portrait by Owen McDowell     
  Dreamscape with Horse by Marilyn Milham         Self Portrait by Owen McDowell

Paintings and Etchings by Marilyn Milham and Owen McDowell
Saturday, July 26 through Wednesday, August 27
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 7 from 5-7pm

Howe Library invites you to join us for a reception for Paintings and Etchings, on Thursday, August 7 from 5-7p.m. The exhibit will be on display in the Ledyard Gallery from July 26 through August 27.

Artist Marilyn Milham writes:
Over the years people have asked me questions like "what is art" and "what do your prints mean?"  I was never sure how to answer and, to be honest, am still not.  But being older now (much older) I have a better idea, I think, about what they mean and what my definition of art is. As for my definition of art it goes something like this:  art is making decisions on a two or three-dimensional surface by an artist based on his or her life experiences that speak to the human condition and perhaps hints at the future.  As for my prints I believe they represent what was going on in my life based on the socio-political climate in which they were created as well as in my personal life.  To this end I think working in a representational style is better suited to me than artwork done in a more abstract or conceptual format.
Artist Owen McDowell writes:
My subject matter from early on has been a fascination with window images, in which I saw my shadowy reflection blending into my surroundings at the time of viewing. Each work became a momentary snapshot of an environmental journey, in varying locations. Gradually with time, my work morphed into also juxtaposing contrasting images to create a similar ethereal feeling as those achieved in the window reflecting paintings, while allowing me more freedom over my composition.

Display Cases in August:
Cafe Area Case: Bow Ties - a newly established local business by Ryan Farr

Teen Area Case: Artwork for Lizi Boyd's forthcoming children's book, Flashlight.

We're looking for more people to exhibit in our gallery and display cases! E-mail howetogive@thehowe.org for more information about the Ledyard Gallery or e-mail ann.schofield@thehowe.org if you are interested in the display cases.

Ledyard Gallery in September: Portraits by Sande French-Stockwell and other artists

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