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Current Display

Ledyard Gallery:
                                        Mary Cassatt by David Westby
                                                            Mary Cassatt by David Westby

Dreams and Monsters: Portraits and Words from the 19th Century by David Westby

Saturday, October 3 through Wednesday, December 2

The artist writes: "I have been a painter since childhood. I have always been drawn to the human face. With its plastic physical mapping of the complete history of our lives, the face exposes and hides all our complexities.

It reveals our triumphs and pains, our loves and cruelties. The face can shadow our need to be in league with others and our desire to stand alone.  

The face is where others will read how we have grappled with the real and dynamic impulses found in all our struggles. Great portraits place before us the dualities we inhabit.

Character, humor, accomplishment, sense of self and the dreams for us, our families and others are revealed.

We all receive our genetic form. How we perceive ourselves and how we forge a public persona are the core of my interests in painting."

The unmistakable quality of observation is a cornerstone of Mr. Westby's work. Inspired by many and all of the great artists of the Western canon, but particularly by the portrait painters of the 19th and early 20th century.

The ability to create a likeness of the subject is only the starting point of his work. The effort is always to bring the painting to the point where the image takes on its own life and personality. This is often a subtle and alchemic moment. No longer is it a likeness, but now the face portrayed begins to look back at us. The subject is no longer mute, but speaks to us. It demands our attention. It informs our thoughts and emotions.

Mr. Westby grew up in South Dakota. His early studies were with Bob Aldern, Carl Grupp and Palmer Eide. He studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and at the San Francisco Art Institute. David Westby lives in Windsor, Vermont.

David Westby

Display Cases in November:
Cafe Area Case: Handcrafted snowflakes by Susan Edwards.

Teen Area Case: Listen Community Services - Understanding how Listen Community Services works within our area to better the lives of our neighbors.

We're looking for more people to exhibit in our display cases! E-mail  ann.schofield@thehowe.org if you are interested.

Ledyard Gallery in December: Photographs by Arief Suriawinata.

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