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Current Display

Ledyard Gallery:
                                        Meadow Fresh
                                           Meadow Fresh by Lynda Knisley

Paths, Streams, and Days of Small Things
Saturday, May 28 through Wednesday, July 27

The artist writes:
PATHS AND STREAMS features 25+ rural landscapes in realistic water colors and pastels.  These mediums are so versatile, they capture theatrical moods and behaviors of every season throughout the year.

     I grew up hiking and camping, with lots of no-agenda time out of doors and I'm sure this helps me see textures both subtle and robust.  I use colors both modest and loud.  I hone in on ways that paths and streams divide our land into a variety of compositions.

    Leonardo da Vinci believed "If truth praises small things, they become noble."
DAYS OF SMALL THINGS is a display of prints, collages, and paintings within "noble" categories and themes.
     Vincent Van Gogh said it would please him if people displayed his work in their kitchens; this produced a theme of aprons, "shelf portraits" and dishes in, or out of the kitchen sink.
     Pieces within the "Support Group" honor Henri Matisse and his desire for art that lightens our load; "art that's like a good armchair."  Yes, of course 6 collages pay homage to the "poetry" as Pierre Bonnard called it, in small objects in quiet rooms.
     These are some of the categories in the Small Things portion of the display.

     WHERE DID YOU GO?  "Out".  WHAT DID YOU DO? "learn something", which is always my target; a goal so large, I cannot miss.
     With parents who built their house and furniture, explored photography, quilted and carved, my ideas about art were flexible and broad.  I "got it" when my Dad consulted a library book one day, came home and promptly wove a rustic container from grape vines in our back yard.  Isn't EVERYONE a finder and a maker of small things?  
     There were no art classes in my school, and no answer to that question.  I had to meet that need later with my own MA in Art Education; which builds quite an appetite for experimentation, working with learners every day.

     Planning this display was a commitment to the big picture of our rural landscape and to small things that mark our days.  Though my work periods are interrupted by months of teaching, though I rarely get to finish assignments I give my students, a friend said my progress is a lot of "small beginnings".  I nudge multiple ideas along in search of mixed and "found" materials that make each piece of art unique in availability and style.  I'm encouraged by Alexander Calder who wanted to make "things that are fun to look at and have no propaganda value whatsoever."  That's a target so appealing and huge, I cannot miss.

Lynda Knisley

Display Cases in June:
Cafe Area Case: Andrila Chakrabarti: collection of Indian dance figures.

Teen Area Case: Gordon Spaeth: collection of board games from all over the world.

We're looking for more people to exhibit in our display cases! E-mail  ann.schofield@thehowe.org if you are interested.

Ledyard Gallery in August: Printmaking by Josh Yunger.

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